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Host up to 50 sites within a single plan. Our fast and reliable hosting plans are designed to meet your requirements.

Our plans have everything you need to host your website and build a strong online presence.


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What hosting package should I order?

Shared Hosting: This option will be suitable for personal websites and most small to medium size websites. If you have large databases or expect a large amount of traffic to the website then you will need to consider a Virtual or Dedicated server.

I have built my website with Joomla..which package should I order?

If your website was built using Joomla, Wordpress, OSCommerce or is using PHP to interact with MySQL, then we would recommend that you purchase the Business Linux hosting package.

How do I transfer my hosting to SecureHost?

Step 1: You need to get a copy of your website from your existing host or web designer.
Step 2: Purchase a package from
Step 3: Upload your website to the SecureHost servers.
Step 4: Re-create any email addresses that you may have.
Step 5: Update your domain name with the SecureHost nameserver details.

If you feel that the above is beyond your technical capabilities, we provide a migration service for a nominal fee. The cost will depend the size of the website so please contact our sales team and they will provide you with a quotation.