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Registration Questions for .ie Domains

What's the difference between a .IE and a .COM?

A gTLD is a generic Top Level Domain(.com, .org, .net etc). These are top level domains that are NOT affiliated with any country and can be registered by anyone for a fee. Currently, these are .com, .net, .org, .eu, mobi, .info, .biz and

ccTLDs are Country Code Top Level Domains.These are the two character top level domain names affiliated with various countries around the world, .ie is Ireland, .fr is France, .es is Spain etc. Many ccTLDs are closed or restricted, requiring proof of residency in the country in question. Others are not restricted, and can be purchased much like gTLDs.

Who can register a .ie Domain?

Anyone can register a .ie domain so long as they can show a connection to the name. For further information, please follow the steps below.

There are 4 steps to applying to register a .ie Domain Name:

  1. Make sure your chosen Domain Name is not currently registered by checking the search facility on our homepage.
  2. Read the Irish Domain Registry’s Quick Guide to Registration Policy to ensure that you can provide information showing your claim to the proposed Domain Name. If you are unsure of what information you may have to provide in support of your application, click here to take a look at their quick questionnaire.
  3. Once you have ensured that you can supply the relavant documentation, please go to and place your domain order.
  4. Arrange Domain Name Hosting via the hosting section on

I have placed an order on, am I guaranteed my domain?

No, once your application is received it must be assessed by a member of our staff to see if it is correct. We must then check to see if all the correct documentation has been received. Once these are satisfactorily checked the application is submitted to the Irish Domain Registry(IEDR). Under IEDR rules, they award domains on a first come first served basis, however you must have the correct supporting documentation. Therefore it is critical to supply your documentation as quickly as possible.

The Irish Domain Registry(IEDR) have the final say in approving applications and are not obliged in any way to grant an application.

Can I register a .ie for more than one year?

Yes, we offer .ie registrations of up to 10 years.

What are the terms of which you offer this service? acts solely as an intermediary in the registration process and it is a condition of registration that you agree to be bound by any applicable dispute policies and other regulations required by the top-level registry. When requested by a court or other appropriate authority, or the top-level registrars (IEDR) may terminate or suspend domain names or hosting services. In this situation, fees are still payable by the current registrant until the dispute is resolved.

It is a condition of registration that the registrant (you) agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless and its servants or agents, against any loss, damage, liability, claim or expense resulting from a claim or claims asserted by a third party regarding ownership of or right to use the domain name in question.

Can I appeal the decision of the IEDR?

You can appeal the decision of the IEDR but please be aware that SecureHost have no say on regarding the IEDR’s decision. Please see for further information.

Renewal Help Questions

How will I be informed of when it is time to renew my domain?

The SecureHost customer manager system will notify you by email 60 days, 30 days, 5 days and 24 hours before the renewal date of your domain name. If you fail to renew your domain name through, it will result in it lapsing and available for anyone to register.. are not responsible for domains that have lapsed if payment is not received before the renewal date.

What happens if my domain expires?

SecureHost will immediately suspend service if payment is not received by the due date. This means that all associated services such as hosting and email will cease working until the name has been renewed.

I want to register a new domain name and according to the Whois Lookup, the domain has expired. Why can't I register this name?

Domain owners will be afforded roughly 10 weeks to renew a domain name. If the domain is not renewed after 10 weeks, then it becomes available for registration on the open market. Some registrars will hold the domain for far longer than this in the hope that the client will renew it with them.

My domain expired, can I still renew it?

SecureHost will allow to renew within 60 days of the expiry date. Further charges may be incurred if you renew after 60 days.

If I just renewed my domain that had expired with SecureHost, how long will it take for it to be working again?

Assuming that the domain DNS and hosts are still in place, the domain will begin working within 48 hours of its renewal. We put the domain back into the root immediately, the delay is caused by propagation out from the root.

If my domain is allowed to lapse can someone else register it?

SecureHost will afford Domain owners roughly 10 weeks to renew a domain name. If the domain is not renewed after 10 weeks, then it becomes available for registration on the open market.

How much is it to renew my domain name?

Our prices for .ie domain renewals are currently €19.99 + vat.

Domain Transfer Processes

To transfer a .ie domain

Please go to or login to your account and place the order.

You will then need to send us a letter on your headed paper stating the following:

“As the admin contact for the domain, I hereby authorise the transfer of the domain to”

Hand Signed by the Admin Contact.

To transfer a .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz & .mobi domain
A Domain EPP or Authorization (Auth) Code is a code assigned by the Registrar at the time the domain name was Registered. This code acts like a password for a domain name, ensuring that only the owner of the domain can Transfer their domain name.

To Transfer any of the above TLDs (extensions), you would require to first obtain the Domain EPP or Auth Code from your Current Registrar:

To ensure that all your contact details are correct prior to the transfer, please go to and see what email address is listed as the Administrative Contact. If the email address does not belong to you, the current registrar will need to change this.

Once you have completed the above, please go to or login to your account and place the order. We will then look after the rest.

To transfer a domain

Please go to or login to your account and place the order. Send an email and fax to the company who originally registered the domain name for you. In this email instruct the company to change the IPS tag to TUCOWS-CA. This will normally take a couple of days but will then transfer over to SecureHost.


What is Hosting?

If you want your website to be viewable online, then you will need to purchase hosting space to achieve this. SecureHost have invested in a server infrastructure which allows us to provide cheap, cost effective hosting solutions to our customers.

We provide three different types of hosting solutions: shared hosting, virtual servers and dedicated servers. Each option will provide the same result but the package you choose will depend on the size of your website.

What hosting package should I order?

Shared Hosting: This option will be suitable for personal websites and most small to medium size websites. If you have large databases or expect a large amount of traffic to the website then you will need to consider a Virtual or Dedicated server.

Virtual Hosting: This option is suitable for medium to large size websites that are reliant on dedicated RAM and storage. They are ideal if your website will have a high volume of visitors/users and are also a good option for file and document storage.

Dedicated Hosting: If your website is mission critical to your business, then dedicated hosting is an option you need to consider. The resources on each machine are totally dedicated for your needs and therefore your website will respond much faster for visitors to the site. You also receive 24/7 monitoring and support with this option.

Do I need a Linux or a Windows hosting package?

If your website is an information only website, we recommend that you purchase our Starter Linux shared hosting plan.

If your website is using PHP or MySQL, you would require a Business Linux hosting package.

If your website is using ASP, ASP.NET or MSSQL you would require a  Business Windows hosting package.

If your website was built using Joomla, Wordpress, OSCommerce or is using PHP to interact with MySQL, then we would recommend that you purchase the Business Linux hosting package.

If your website was built using an ASP.NET application or is using ASP to interact with MSSQL, then we would recommend that you purchase the Business Windows hosting package.

If your website has a database or a payment gateway then we recommend that you check with your web designer what platform they have built the site on.

If you do not have a website yet, please contact our sales team and we will provide you with a free consultation.

The recommendations above are only a guide to help you choose the correct package. If you are still unsure of which package to choose, please contact our sales team on the number above or alternatively send an email to

How do I transfer my hosting to SecureHost?

Step 1: You need to get a copy of your website from your existing host or web designer.
Step 2: Purchase a package from
Step 3: Upload your website to the SecureHost servers.
Step 4: Re-create any email addresses that you may have.
Step 5: Update your domain name with the SecureHost nameserver details.

If you feel that the above is beyond your technical capabilities, we provide a migration service for a nominal fee. The cost will depend the size of the website so please contact our sales team and they will provide you with a quotation.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following methods: Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Bank Transfer and Cheque


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