At SecureHost we pride ourself on the level of service, control and value for money we provide to our customers. We believe in being honest and upfront with our customers. There are no hidden charges, what you see is what you get.

Our competitive pricing for domain registration does not compromise the quality of service. Our custom developed and highly automated procedures allow us to offer excellent value for money and still provide the levels of service you've come to expect.

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    • 14.99Yearly
    • .com
    • 13.99Yearly
    • .org
    • 9.99Yearly
    • .net
    • 9.99Yearly
    • 9.99Yearly
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    • 9.99Yearly
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Am I guaranteed my .ie domain?

No, once your application is received it must be assessed by a member of our staff to see if it is correct. We must then check to see if all the correct documentation has been received. Once these are satisfactorily checked the application is submitted to the Irish Domain Registry(IEDR). Under IEDR rules, they award domains on a first come first served basis, however you must have the correct supporting documentation. Therefore it is critical to supply your documentation as quickly as possible.

The Irish Domain Registry(IEDR) have the final say in approving applications and are not obliged in any way to grant an application.

Who can register a .ie Domain?

Anyone can register a .ie domain so long as they can show a connection to the name. For further information, please follow the steps below.

There are 4 steps to applying to register a .ie Domain Name:

  1. Make sure your chosen Domain Name is not currently registered by checking the search facility on our homepage.
  2. Read the Irish Domain Registry’s Quick Guide to Registration Policy to ensure that you can provide information showing your claim to the proposed Domain Name. If you are unsure of what information you may have to provide in support of your application, click here to take a look at their quick help guide.
  3. Once you have ensured that you can supply the relavant documentation, please go to and place your domain order.

Arrange Domain Name Hosting via the hosting section on

How do I transfer my hosting to SecureHost?

Step 1: You need to get a copy of your website from your existing host or web designer.
Step 2: Purchase a package from
Step 3: Upload your website to the SecureHost servers.
Step 4: Re-create any email addresses that you may have.
Step 5: Update your domain name with the SecureHost nameserver details.