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Accessing your SecureHost hosting account (video)
In this video we will show you how to access your hosting control panel via the home page on the...
Adding Domain Aliases in Plesk (video)
Check out how to setup additional (alternative) domain names for your website. 
Adding Domains to your Plesk control panel (video)
This tutorial explains how to add websites addressed by domain names.
Adding Subdomains to your Plesk control panel (video)
Adding subdomains to your Plesk control panel. 
Do I need a Linux or Windows hosting package?
If your website is an information only website, we recommend that you purchase our Starter...
File Manager in Plesk (video)
Discoiver how to organise your website files using the built-in File Manager.
How do I backup a website through the Plesk control panel?
To backup your website through the Plesk control panel, simply follow these steps.Step 1. Log...
How do I restore my backed up website through the Plesk panel?
To restore a backup of your website through the Plesk control panel, simply follow these...
How do I transfer my hosting to SecureHost?
Step 1: You need to get a copy of your website from your existing host or web designer.Step 2:...
Setting up domain forwarding in Plesk (video)
Learn how to setup a redirect so that website visitors are directed to another website.
What hosting package should I order?
Shared Hosting: This option will be suitable for personal websites and most small to medium...